Experimet Of Simulated Reality/Thesis Development/2009    
  One can imagine that in a world where physical atmosphere has digital affordances, people’s relationship to space would change drastically. Through computation, even our dwelling-place that seemed to be normally considered as a private space has gradually become part of a public space where everywhere is interlinked digitally. The general perception of space as a static environment is no longer the case. As technology advances, it is not hard to imagine that the flow between the digital and the real would soon become so fluid that it would be meaningless to distinguish the virtual from the real.    
Our surrounding structures having the aspects of a digital environment would mean that we would experience continuos moments when both the illusion and the real are joined. As a result, simulation of the digital experiences would be achieved in a tangible environment. This is an exploration of understanding how our gestures, traces, occupancy, interaction with objects could generate new meanings to our surroundings. This piece is an initial stage of my thesis that deals with the idea of simulated causality. The whole system including projected domino is triggered by a piece of physical domino. When the projected domino hits a surface the bucket flips to drop a ping pong ball that is hit by rotating racket.
Below is my initial experimentation that dealt with the idea of simulated causality. The point was to create a simple yet effective interaction piece that could explain the transforming moment from the intangible to the tangible or vise versa.
  This is a visual material that I have created as a content for my thesis exhibition. Through out the year I’ve been trying to communicate how technical environment could shape and transform human action or the aesthetic practices in space. This is my first hybrid chain reaction system as a communication medium. My goal of this practice was to create a critical design that would generate new modes of understanding space and draw more discussions. My belief was that technology is changing the way in which people perceive space and shift the relations of power structure to a different manner. My thesis project would illustrate how a user may experience modern media and products, in a way that is influenced by predetermined rules through technological environment. However, through this practice, I also wanted to discuss how a user would influence the system and simultaneously become part of the system as well in an embedded digital environment. I have used NET tools Flash components, 12V DC motors, Makecontroller, copper tapes to create the physical interaction piece.