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Foggy Plus

Foggy Plus is a hypothetical design product. Foggy Plus is a specially treated glass surface platform for sending and sharing intimate messages, drawings by using everyday knowledge of foggy windows. The concept is to use transparent surfaces with embedded technologies. To send a message, people would generate fog by blowing on a ‘foggy+’ surface, write in the fog using their fingers and, send the message over the network by blowing onto the foggy surface. Recipients would reveal the message on another ‘foggy+’ glass surface in a different location by generating fog on the viewing surface. The project was a simple class exercise for the Tangible Interfaces course.

Link to the video prototype | http://youtu.be/mdiwhn7oRws

Collaborative Project: Austin S. Lee, Misha Sra, Gonglue Jiang and Shen-Ying Pao
Fall 2011, MAS.834: Tangible Interfaces, MIT Media Lab, Advisor: Hiroshi Ishii