PushPop's infrastructure


PushPop is a spherical modular programmable notification interface. Each module pops out and in turn makes the sphere roll in a pre-defined pattern. The change in shape and the movement is triggered by digital input and represents a specific digital event. Users can physically interact with PushPop by pushing the popped-out modules back into the sphere. This physical interaction with PushPop causes corresponding changes in the digital world.

PushPop is made of modules connected to the center of the sphere. Each module responds independently to digital input. As each module pops out, it causes the sphere to roll. We have developed a prototype that communicates with Google calendar, displays a physical event notification using the pop out module and allows the user to interact physically with their digital calendar.

PushPop's interaction

Link to the video demonstration | http://youtu.be/YAFsoqP4lhk

Collaborative Project: Austin S. Lee, Misha Sra, Gonglue Jiang and Shen-Ying Pao
Fall 2011, MAS.834: Tangible Interfaces, MIT Media Lab, Advisor: Hiroshi Ishii