NET Creators

Creating New Ecology of Things

The planetary network enabled people to create a whole new culture in the cyberspace. People would often generate new contents and share them with others in the interlinked space. During the New Ecology of Things Project, our group focused on how this cultural phenomenon would shift into the new era of pervasive computing environment. The scenario is based on understanding a designer’s role in shifting paradigms in a world where every objects and space are interlinked to the net cloud through embedded technologies. New Ecology of Things(NET) Creators Project deals with exploring a future production line that would transform daily objects into an interface that mediates communication. The goal of this research is to find methodologies for allowing people to put new meanings to their everyday belongings by using ubiquitous computing system.

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New Ecology of Cups

Everyday scene of people often reading a magazine or News article while drinking their coffee was the motif of the design. The first prototype had the cup holder as a digital display and people would read magazine contents from it. If they wanted to read more precisely, they would display the article on the table which becomes another interface for viewers. However, we wanted to create a system that would let people create new meanings and collect customized data. Our group decided to change cup as an interface that would display and carry any kind of readable contents from the internet. The way in which the contents is transferred from cup to cup or to desks would be done by using the NET system. Also, our final prototype was designed to allow users to generate secret messages and transfer them to other cups by toasting. After downloading the contents from other cups, the viewer would find the secret message appear on bottom of the cup while finishing his/her drink.


During the beginning of the 21 century, people have been wondering what would happen if there is a technology that would transform everyday objects into an interface that mediates communication. Now we are living in a world where every objects and space are connected to the planetary network, and information that is embedded in the physical environment have been defining the characteristics of our surroundings. Throughout the years in the pervasive computing era, majority of manufacturers have been focusing on creating design that is universal and compatible all around the world. However, just like the cyberspace, people wanted to create their own contents and share them with others in a physical environment. With a vision of creating a system that allows people to have the capabilities to create their own meanings to their surroundings, NET Creators launched a research project. The Project focuses on finding new methodologies to transform everyday objects into an instrument that collects and communicates meaningful information.

Collaborative Project: Austin Lee and Yoo Kyoung Noh