Transmedia Map Using Language and Sound Itenerary

The goal of this project is to depict practices of everyday life by communicating the word 'map' and 'itinerary'. The word 'map' by definition, is a visual representation of an area, a symbolic depiction highlighting relationships between elements of space, objects, regions, and themes. It gives the viewer a new way of understanding places and people around the world. For this project, I approached with a vision of creating a conceptual information system that could be perceived intuitively by using sound of the actual space. Rather than developing a visually oriented map, I chose using dialogues of various countries and focused on generating an audible map. This map is language-oriented and enables the user to visualize the geographical information by audition. The point of this project is to show how dialogues of everyday life and the sounds of everyday objects become essential components of our surroundings and influence the way in which people occupy, and behave in space. The languages that were used in this practice were German, French, Tagalog, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, and English. The map reveals the happenings at the building of Art Center College of Design and shows an itinerary of people's previous journey through the campus.

interactive version

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