Seeing The Unseen: A public exhibition of Jupiter's interior  


Over the past three decades, NASA’s planetary missions have revealed confounding features of the planet Jupiter. Even though astronomers had observed Jupiter from Earth for centuries, the discoveries about Jupiter and its moons using orbiting spacecrafts surprised many scientists. However, so far, no one has seen the interiors of Jupiter. JPL’s Juno is the next mission to Jupiter that will conduct an in-depth study of the giant planet’s configuration. For the first time, the mission may uncover what is underneath the clouds of Jupiter. Working with Dan Goods, Visual Strategist at JPL, we performed experiments using installations to learn ways to communicate the scientific features of the Juno mission to general public. This report is about the development process of a public exhibition of Jupiter’s interior that aims to promote the Juno mission.
Figure1 Image of Juno mission at  
Our research focused on creating diverse visual effects using a matrix of infrared illuminators and I/O controllers embedded underneath a dense fog filled in a large container. By simulating Jupiter’s interior, the installation will illustrate the mission idea of peering through the atmosphere to observe internal structure of the planet.
Figure2 Photography of Jupiter Cloud Simulation    
Figure3 Video documentation of the installation by Dan Goods, JPL Visual Strategist    


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