Seeing The Unseen: A public exhibition of Jupiter's interior  


The purpose of the installation is to enable people to experience interesting aspects of the Juno mission. We were inspired by Juno mission goal of observing closely through the clouds of Jupiter to learn the internal structure of the planet. Juno will reach the mission science goal by using an orbiting space craft that will use infrared and microwave instruments to measure energy coming from deep within Jupiter’s atmosphere. Comparable to the way in which Juno mission uses technical devices to understand Jupiter, our installation aims to create a hands-on experience of using modern technology to reveal different layers of knowledge invisible to human eyes. Underneath the installation’s active, dense fog that resembles the appearance of Jupiter’s cloud, we plan to have a matrix of infrared illuminators generate interesting visual effects.
Figure7 Photography of infrared illuminator captured in digitial optical device  
People will not see these infrared lights with their bare eyes until they look through the lenses of optical devices, such as digital cameras or cell phone cameras. Although, the usage of simple digital camera technology may not seem as significant as the science behind Juno mission, it will help general public to understand and share valuable moments of capturing and revealing the invisible parts of the world. In near future, the installation will first take place in San Francisco at Exploratorium: The Museum Of Science, Art And Human Perception.
Figure8 Video documentation of infrared illuminator testing    
Figure9 Photography of infrared lighting prototypes    
Figure10 Photography of infrared lighting test  


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